The extremely easy skin trick to cut your morning prep time in half

Is your morning beauty routine taking up too much time and cutting into the more important things in life (sleep)?
Are you tired of applying a bunch of beauty products to hide the fact that you haven’t seen sunshine in months?
Have you at some point considered making sacrifices to the Skin Gods in exchange for consistently great looking skin?

I have some great news for you!
There is a fantastic product in the beauty sphere that not only makes it look like you are familiar with the rays of a sun but also saves you a ton of time in the morning by letting you wake up ~flawless~ (skin wise anyway, flawless hair is a beast that I have not yet tamed).

save time and money be tan st tropez

If you’re saying to yourself that that sounds an awful lot like Self Tanner, you are correct!

Before you roll your eyes and leave this post to refresh your instagram, let me quickly dispel 3 myths about self tanner:

1. At home Self Tanner makes you look like a chemical scented oompa-loompa.
The days of Self Tanner turning you into a bright orange horror are gone. There are so many formulas now that go on clear and even ones that develop over a period of days so you can control how tan you become. Taking all of the scent complaints to heart, most companies have reformulated years ago to either have a pleasant tropical scent or just a very mild lotion like smell. If you are extremely sensitive to scent, there are options that wash off within 10 minutes after application.

2. There is no way I can get an even tan from a bottle.
If you can successfully apply body lotion, you can successfully apply self tanner! The two steps for flawless coverage are scrub well beforehand and use a tanning mitt.
When you exfoliate your skin, you remove the top layer of dead skin cells that would keep the self tanner from absorbing evenly. A good scrub will ensure smooth application and a longer lasting tan. As for the mitt, they come with most tanning products these days but even so there are some amazing ones for $6 on Amazon that last for months.

3. Everything I touch/sit on/wear will turn orange.
Most self tanners set within a few minutes of application and unless you sweat heavily or get wet, they will not budge. If this is a very deep seated fear of yours regardless, buy clear self tanner and avoid any possibility of the orange Midas touch.

Now that all fears of turning into a giant Cheese Puff are taken care of, here are 3 amazing things that will happen when you add self tanner to your skin care rotation once a week:

1. With no sun damage and very little effort on your part, you can go from looking pale and pasty to tan and tasty.
That sounds kind of cheesy but I stand by the sentiment of the idea: the whole point of self tanner is to look like you just went on a beach vacation and it does just that but without the horrible UV damage or vacation price.

2. It evens out your skin tone removing the need for foundation, concealer, bronzer, and contour.
This will not only save you time getting ready each morning but also sanity from not having to constantly worry if you need to touch up your makeup.

3. You might find yourself with a bit more confidence than usual.
There’s an old saying of “I’m a better person when I’m tan”. Imagine if you were tan year round and not just in the summer. A little more confidence is a wonderful thing.


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