Why Minimalism 2: Lessons, Pro-Tips, and Motivation

If you’ve read Why Minimalism 1: My Adventure down the Organization Hole then you know that I spent weeks sorting, throwing out, donating, and cataloging my makeup, skincare, and hair care. Here is what I learned from it and how it can change your life too.

  1. Just because you spent money on a product that you do not like does not mean you are stuck with it.
    • Many people think “but it cost $$, if I throw it out, I might as well have thrown out that money”. You already spent the money on it, nothing short of returning or selling the item will give you that money back.
    • If you can part with the product, you can donate it to a women’s shelter or give it away to a friend or family member.
    • If you cannot part with the product, you can re-purpose it. Shampoo can be used as body wash, bubble bath, shave gel. Lip balm can be used as a very thick skin protectant or rubbed on your dry heels at night. Eye shadow can be broken up and mixed with body lotion to create a shimmery glow. Get creative! If you are stumped, there is always Pinterest to give unexpected ideas.
  2. Getting rid of the items you do not use will not leave you depressed and with an empty makeup bag. On the contrary, now you will have room to finally see and appreciate the things you use. The sense of happiness that you will get from letting go of things that you do not like will feel like a weight being lifted off of your chest.
  3. Having less things saves you time. Especially in the morning when 5 minutes are better for a few extra winks of sleep and not digging through your makeup bag trying to find the mascara that works in between all of the garbage.
  4. Minimalism saves you money. Making constant impulse purchases of things you might use once and never pick up again or things you already have several of that you forgot about is much less likely when you only have items you absolutely love. If you have 25 lipsticks, you might not give much thought to getting ANOTHER almost identical red lipstick because you are just adding to the collection. However, if you only have 3 lipsticks that you absolutely love and find a red lipstick similar to one you already own, a lot more thought and rationalizing will go into whether or not it is really worth adding to your small curated collection.


So what can minimalism do for you? Not much except change the way that you think and live your entire life.


How can you get started?

If you have not done so, pick up a copy of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up by Marie Kondo. It’s a best seller for a reason. It is very easy to read – only 207 short pages – and promises that as long as you follow Marie’s simple, logical guidelines, you can be free of clutter forever.

If you have already read it and need a little kick to start, here’s some motivation:

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