Minimal List: The 4 Makeup Products that won’t Leave You Hot or Bothered

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Some parts of summer are amazing: beach days, picnics, ice cream, seeing everyone walking their adorable puppies.
And some parts of summer are not that great: sunburns, mosquito bites, endless sweating.

For makeup lovers, summer comes with the additional issue of spending 45 minutes on your makeup and having it last less than 45 seconds after you leave your house.

The two secrets to looking hot instead of like a hot mess are: Less is More and Use the Right Products.

If your daily makeup routine is a 30 step process including contouring, false lashes over a cat eye with a killer cut crease, and perfectly lined and painted lips, you’re going to have to accept the fact that the summer sun and humidity are not ok with this.

Unless you are ok with looking like a melting wax figure (and if you are, more power to you), you’re going to have to skip all the products that will fade, bleed, and slide the moment you break a sweat.

On the bright side, this means you can cut your getting ready routine down to about 3 minutes which means even more time for looking at puppies in the park on your way to work/school/day drinking.

Here are the 4 Essential Items for Your Summer Makeup Bag


Tinted Moisturizer with SPF

Applying serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation, AND sunscreen will leave you feeling like you’re wearing a thick mask. Instead, save some time and effort and apply a tinted moisturizer with spf. The hint of color will be enough to balance out any minor skin issues (apply concealer if you need a bit more coverage) and skin will be protected and hydrated without much effort on your part. Just make sure to apply additional sunscreen if you’ll be spending more than 20 minutes in the sun. My favorites are It Cosmetics CC+ and Laura Mercer Tinted Moisturizer.

From Mizzu Cosmetics

From Mizzu Cosmetics

Kohl Eyeliner

Switch up your usual winged eyeliner for a look that still makes your eyes pop but is way easier to achieve. Called Tightlining, all you have to do is apply eyeliner on the inner lash line along the waterline. No smudging, no brushes, no precision necessary. You can either line just the top lashes or both top and bottom for a defined look that also makes lashes appear thicker and more lush. It is not recommended to line just the bottom with a black liner since it pulls the eye shape making it look more droopy. The best tool for the job is a Kohl or Kajal eyeliner which is softer and more smudgy than regular pencil liners.

lip stain

Lip Stain

Arduously applying lip primer, liner, stick, and gloss just to have it all end up on your lunch is frustrating. While some people prefer a matte liquid lipstick for summer, I find that some of them crack or transfer after eating certain foods (looking at you, pizza) and some of them look a bit awkward and out of place at casual summer events. Lip stains are great because they never leave a ring around your lips, aren’t affected by heat or sweat, and don’t have to be touched up for pretty much the whole day. Also, some of them look like you just very tastefully ate a popsicle and ended up with the perfect kiss of color.


Cooling spray

This isn’t a makeup product as much as it is a miraculous creation that should be carried with you at all times if you want to make it through the summer. While some people might scoff at the idea of paying $6 for an aerosol of pressurized water, let me tell you a few of things I have used mine for the in the last few months:

*Cool off while walking down the street
*Refresh my eyes after a salty ocean swim
*Bring moisture back into my face during a plane trip
*Spray the back of my boyfriends neck to cool him down on a hike I made him take
*Lightly mist my face to pretend I’m dewy and not sweaty at an outdoor event
*Cleanse my hands when no sink was available, I had forgotten my hand sanitizer, and it was eating time

You get the idea. Nothing feels better than splashing water on yourself when its a million degrees out but sometimes you’re not near water and sometimes you’re wearing mascara. This will help without destroying your makeup, clothes, sanity, etc.


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