Review of Etude House My Beauty Tool Secret 121 Skin Oval Brush Artis Dupe

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The Basics: Etude House My Beauty Tool Secret 121 Skin Oval Brush bought for $11 on, also available for $17 on the Etude House Website.

It is an oval shaped skin brush that is meant to smooth foundation on for a flawless finish. It also comes with an interchangeable oval sponge head brush meant to dab foundation on.

Due to it’s similarity in appearance, it has been considered a dupe for the Artis brush, most likely the $60 Oval 6.

brush package

Packaging: It comes in a cute plastic package with pink and gold trim. The back has instructions and information in Korean and a small bottom section in English listing the name and the directions.

brush and sponge

The contents of the package are the handle with bristle brush attached and a small sponge head attachment in a separate plastic bag.

brush handleThe brush is a hard smooth gold plastic stippled with a texture in some areas. It has “Etude House Secret Brush121 Skin” written on one side. It is 6″ long, is comfortable to hold, feels fairly durable, and stands comfortably with my other makeup brushes in the cup I keep them in (I mention this because some brushes need special storage *ahem beauty blender).

brush head

The brush head it comes with is really soft synthetic bristles colored beige at the base and brown at the ends. It is about 1″ long and 3/4″ wide. When I say soft, I mean amazingly soft… I feel like I’m petting a small animal whenever I touch these bristles.

As you can see in the picture, there are grooves in the side of the brush head so it can pop off and be replaced by the sponge head. Since I ordered it for the bristle head and own a beauty blender, I have no use for the sponge head… at least until I see a cool tutorial on Instagram of someone oval sponging them self perfect, in which case, that sponge head will be my new best friend.

When I tried to pop off the bristle head to replace it with the sponge, I was met by so much resistance I decided it was not worth it until I actually need the sponge. So for those you interested in this brush for the multi-function aspect, just know it is not as easily interchangeable as it is advertised.

spong topsponge top


The sponge head is actually very soft and also about 1″ long and 3/4″ wide. I have not tried it yet but the reviews on Amazon about it are very positive.

Usage: Though advertised for foundation, this brush can also be used for moisturizer, concealer, BB/CC cream, and contour. The advantages that it has over other face brushes are that it can apply liquid, powder, AND cream (sorry beautyblender), as well as blend everything together and give you an airbrushed finish.

The directions on the package say to apply liquid or cream foundation on the back of your hand, dip the brush into it,  and then sweep in broad strokes around the face using the edges for hard to reach areas.

Before I use it, I spray it a couple of times with a setting spray. I find this gives a really pretty dewy finish and makes the makeup last longer.

whole thing

Verdict: This brush is amazing. My first impression of it was that it looks kind of like a gold-plated toothbrush and that it would be annoying to apply foundation to my entire face with such a small brush but as soon as I used it, my low expectations were shattered.

It does not work like a $17 brush, but rather a much more expensive one. It is well made, beautiful to look at, soft to the touch (and non cruelty synthetic bristles!), and easy to use. The results are spectacular, skin looks airbrushed and flawless and all you have to do is sweep your face for a few seconds. The size is great too – it looks way too small but through the way that the bristles are placed or magic or something, it covers everything with minimal effort.

As to whether it is a dupe for the Artis brush, I cannot say since I have never tried one. I do know that the Artis brushes are oval shaped with soft bristles and give you an airbrushed finish. In that manner, then this would be an actual dupe.

This brush is truly fantastic and if you are in the market for an oval brush or just want to try something new, I would highly recommend the Etude House Secret Brush 121 Skin.

Comment below if you’ve tried oval brushes and what you thought! Or if you’ve ever wanted to try one!


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