Target Women’s June 2016 Beauty Subscription Unboxing and Review


Target Beauty Box is a one time online purchase that happens once a month and sells out within hours. This month, two boxes were offered: a men’s box for $5 and a women’s box for $10 with free shipping for both.

This review is for the women’s box with a mini review of the men’s box at the end.


This month’s theme was Sun-Kissed and it is meant to keep you glowing all month long.


The insert card came with short descriptions of each of the products as well as a $3 off a $15 beauty purchase.

tj16 skin1

SW Basics Exfoliant Foil Packet

This exfoliant is made with only 3 ingredients: organic oat flour, organic almond flour, sea salt. Which is cool because not only is it all natural and beneficial for your skin, but you can also make tiny pancakes out of it!

Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Facial Wipes 10 wipes $2.99

I have used these before and they’re good for refreshing your face throughout the day. I did however make the mistake of thinking that they’re makeup removing wipes and used them on my eyes. They are not makeup removing wipes and they will make your eyes burn quite a bit.

tj16 skin2

Cotz Face Sunscreen Natural Tinted 10g worth $4.66

I’ve tried the non-tinted version of this before on a vacation and I liked it. Facial sunscreen in hot environments usually gives me the problem of  breaking my skin out or running into my eyes and burning them but this one didn’t budge or cause any acne.

This tinted one is interesting though – it comes out of the tube deceptively dark and thick but as soon as you rub it into your skin, it sheers out to match your skin tone and feels silky smooth (similar to Benefit’s Porefessional).

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter Foil Packet

If you live in the states and have never tried Soap & Glory products, get yourself to a Target stat! They’re a great skincare brand out of the UK with cheeky names and great products.

This lotion is one of their best sellers and it’s easy to see why. A lightly scented, quick absorbing, ultra hydrating lotion that doesn’t leave a greasy feel? Yes please!

tj16 skin3

L’oreal Paris Revitalift Volume Filler Cream 0.5 oz worth $5.94

This reduces lines and wrinkles to replenish volume in skin through the intensely hydrating ingredient hyaluronic acid. Since I thankfully have no lines and wrinkles to test this on, I’ll be passing this on to my mom.

La Neige Water Bank Serum 0.3 oz worth $5.83

I don’t think it’s possible to receive a Target box without a La Neige product in it. I am not complaining though, this Korean brand is amazing. All of their products are pleasantly scented, quick absorbing, and very moisturizing. My sensitive skin has never had a reaction and is always left soft and hydrated.

tj16 hair

Shea Moisture Fruit Fusion Creme Rinse 3.2 oz worth $2.80

This conditioner smells like a smoothie. And looking at the ingredients, it might as well be: it has coconut water, dragon fruit, fresh lychee berry, and green apple extract which are meant to bring damaged hair back to life. I can’t wait to incorporate this into my summer hair routine.

Pantene Expert Intense Hydration Shampoo 3.9 oz worth $2.03

Even though some reviewers I have read are unhappy that this is a hydrating shampoo, this curly haired girl is very happy. The sun and ocean destroy and dry out my thick hair in the summer. This will be good to minimize the moisture stripping most shampoos add on.

It also comes with a $2 off any Pantene Expert product.

tj16 mu1

L’oreal Paris True Match Cushion sample in W3 Nude Beige

I think (not fully sure) that there was a shade selection when ordering the box since this is not a One Shade Suits Most type of product. It is basically a small round applicator sponge in one compartment and a foundation soaked cushion sponge in the other. You press the applicator onto the foundation and pat it onto skin: 1 layer for sheer coverage, 2 layers for sheer coverage, and 3 layers for medium coverage.

The color matched my skin well and I found it fun to apply. I used a primer and then did 1 layer all over with a second layer on my redder and larger pore areas. Within a few hours I was a oily luminous mess.

It comes with a coupon for $2 off coupon for L’oreal True Match Cosmetics and as much as I like the idea of this foundation type, I’ll hold off buying this luminous one until winter when I need the hydration.

tj16 mu2

ELF Lip Kiss Balm in Bare Kiss (full size!) $2

Yay ELF products in beauty boxes! This lip balm is infused with vitamins A, E, grapeseed oil, and jojoba oil to moisturize and a minty flavor to refresh. While it is pleasant to wear, it doesn’t have much color payoff at all. Swatched below.

Pixi Mesmerizing Mineral Duo Eyeshadow in Apricot Glow 0.030z worth $4

Pixi has some nice buttery smooth shadows with good color payoff and these are no exception. This shimmery peach and chocolate duo is perfect for a summery bronze smoky eye. Swatched below.

Top to Bottom: Elf Lip Kiss Balm in Bare Kiss, Pixi Apricot Glow duo

Top to Bottom: Elf Lip Kiss Balm in Bare Kiss, Pixi Apricot Glow duo

This $10 box has nearly $30 off product and $7 of coupons. Even though the entire box was not perfect, the products I did really like completely made up for anything subpar.

I also ordered the $5 men’s box for my boyfriend and even though he couldn’t care less about sub boxes, fancy grooming (all he needs is shower gel, deodorant, and toothpaste), or trying new things, he was pretty happy to get some travel sized items and I was happy to steal the things he didn’t need (hey new hair gel). That one had a value of about $20.


Did you end up grabbing the June Target Box for women or for men? What did you think?


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