Boxycharm March 2016 Beauty Subscription Box


Boxycharm is a monthly beauty subscription box that costs $21 and comes with 4-5 full sized items. Each subscriber gets pretty much the same box (shades of makeup vary). It is different from Ipsy and Birchbox in that even though it is double the price, the value is typically around $100 (as opposed to $30-$50). This is my very first Boxycharm and I had been eyeing it for a while but deterred by the high price.

Their previous boxes had full size eyeshadow palettes, hair treatments, and high end makeup – with at least one product costing more than $21 – so I decided it would probably be a worthy gamble. If you are interested in past boxes, you can purchase them for $31 here. I’m dying for the August Globetrotter box (Coastal Scents 3 palette, Mica gel pot eyeliner, liner brush, full size leave in conditioner, highlighter) but it is always Out of Stock and customer service “has no clue when it will be back” *eye roll*.

boxycharm march 2016 info card

The box comes with an postcard-like insert with one side announcing the theme of the box (see top image) and the other giving the link to get more info about the box and a promotional offer. This month’s theme is Sweet Treats because “Sugar is sweet, but this box is sweeter!” It’s super cute but not very useful. I prefer when the insert has actual info such as each product’s price, instructions, and why it was chosen. The website however has all of these things as well as reviews and gives you the opportunity to leave reviews in exchange for Charms (Boxycharms points system).

boxycharm march 2016 clarks botanicals eye cream

Clark’s Botanicals Anti Puff Eye Cream Full Size! $87

The first thing I saw when I opened the box was this huge black tube of eye cream. Clark’s Botanicals is a new brand for me that from first glance looks like it is actually targeted towards men. Some research showed that it is a prestige skincare system of paraben free botanically based formulas with a touching backstory. After a spinal cord injury, the founder Francesco Clark lost the ability to walk and to sweat which led to clogged pores and chronic breakouts that no over the counter or prescription treatment could clear up. He turned to his physician father who is trained in homeopathy and western medicine for help and ended up with a solution. The brand grew through word of mouth and now a portion of every sale goes to the Christopher Reeve Foundation.

As for the actual product, it is a smooth white cream in a plastic pump bottle. It has a very mild smell that I cannot place and goes on gently without any tingling or cooling sensation. It claims to target fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness with a high concentration of vitamins and botanicals.

Rating: 4/5. It goes on lightly and gently which is nice but it does not have any instant gratification (color adjustment, cooling tip, etc.) and I do not use eye cream often enough to see if long term benefits ever happen. Although it is a good product, I am not sure that it should really be $80. I am happy it benefits a good cause though and will be passing it along to my mom.

boxycharm march 2016 catherine malandrino perfume

Catherine Malandrino Style De Paris Perfume 10mL $20

I hate perfume samples. Even if they are full sized. I believe perfume is such a personal thing that it should be picked out by the individual and not forced upon them. Rant over, back to reviewing!

This perfume looks to me like a supersized version of the little spray samples. It has a plastic bottle which is great for everyday on the go since the $25 travel sized perfume I buy from Sephora is always in a glass bottle which is much heavier and more prone to breakage. The scent is pleasant. It is described as the epitome of spring and I would personally describe it as an expensive garden.

Rating: 3.5/5. The packaging is convenient and the scent is a good generic touchup scent but I would not buy the full sized version of it.

boxycharm march 2016 luxie brush

Luxie 512 Small Contour Brush (Full size!) $16

It’s so soft! I’m a big contouring fan so this brush is going to come in handy. The small size means it will be perfect for applying bronzer into the hollows of my face. The handle is a long lightweight wood which makes it easy to hold and easy to store. According to the website, the bristles are coated in anti-bacterial solution to keep it clean at all times so Yay! no breakouts.

Rating: 5/5. Great brush all around.

boxycharm march 2016 chella brow pencil

Chella Tantalizing Taupe Eyebrow Color (Full size!) $18

This came just as I was hunting for a new eyebrow pencil, and in the perfect shade. I believe it was meant to be. This white plastic twist-up holds a dark brown hard waxy pigment. Some of the reviews said that it is similar to the Anastasia Brow Wiz in formula but that the only thing missing is a spoolie at the end. I have never tried the Anastasia Brow Wiz but this pencil is amazing: it looks so natural, doesn’t smear or melt, and doesn’t need to be constantly sharpened. (Swatch below)

Rating: 5/5. Perfect eyebrows every time. I just wish it had a spoolie at the end but I have enough mascara spoolies stolen from Sephora that I don’t mind.

boxycharm march 2016 makeup geek eyeshadowMakeup Geek Pressed Eyeshadow Pan in Shimma Shimma (top) & Cocoa Bear (bottom) $6 each

The colors varied but every subscriber got 1 matte shadow and 1 shimmer shadow. This is my first time trying Makeup Geek shadows despite them ruling the makeup social media universe. I see what the fuss is about. They’re both super pigmented and creamy. The Shimma Shimma shade is a creamy ivory with a subtle but beautiful sheen. The Cocoa Bear is a matte chocolate brown that isn’t streaky or patchy like some mattes can be.

Rating: 4.5/5. These are just really good eyeshadows that very wearable neutrals. The only thing I don’t like about them is that they are single pans so now I need to either purchase a mini Z-palette to house them or keep them in the wrapping so they don’t get dusty or broken.

boxycharm march 2016 swatches The swatches: Chella eyebrow pencil in Tantalizing Taupe (top), Makeup Geek Eyeshadow in Shimma Shimma (Bottom left) and Cocoa Bear (bottom right). All very pigmented and easy to swatch.


Final Verdict: This is a really good subscription box. They include a good variety of things that all have a high value so if a couple of the things in the box aren’t your style, something will make you happy. The value of this box is $153 for 6 full sized items (the perfume is a full travel size) which is insane for a $21 box. I am very happy to have tried this box because even though I didn’t love everything, I did get to try a couple of new brands that I had never heard of before and even have a new favorite eyebrow pencil which justifies the price of the box for me.



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